Sunday, 31 May 2015

Every Business Should take advice from the New Google App Advert

A Question?

Wow! I love the new #google App advert.

A #question is the most powerful force in the world. A question can start you on an adventure. A question can spark a connection, A question can change how you see the world, A question can take you anywhere #searchon #listen


A Question Can start you on an adventure - This is true all you have to do is ask!
A Question can spark a connection - When you ask a question you never know who is going to answer you, who ever it maybe this creates a connection for you to build a relationship.
A question can change how you see the world - Ask anything you want to know and be educated with something you never already knew about the world. Learn something new every day!

Asking questions relating to your industry can create relationships leading to potential business.

The google app advert has certainly motivated and inspired me to ask more questions!!

Wow I really really liked the Advert!

Go Google.............

Colleen x

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