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FLEET NO 38 Renault Master

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3 minibuses for sale

2003 Fiat Ducato Party Bus

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Festival Survival Guide by A1 Coaches

Are you ready for Festival Season?? 

We have written this festival survival guide for your use this summer. All the do's and don't of attending a large festival can be found here.

Happy Festival Campers!

Arrive Early - No Messing Around! 
Get there in plenty of time, you can book on one of our coaches, the buses always arrive in time for the gates opening. If you are camping

Be ruthless with your packing! 
Dressing for the occasion is a necessity, in Scotland we can have 4 seasons in one day so although you are packing scarecly you should also make sure you have something to cover any weather scenario. Always remember when you are packing the arena/campsites are not only going to be a hop skip and a jump away. What you pack - you are going to have to carry.

Footwear that is already broken in is a must! 
Welly boots are the "In-thing" to wear to festivals but please remember to wear a pair that is already broken in, if you have new welly boots to wear, please make sure you wear them around the house for a while or take a stroll down the beach. Never go with new welly boots and be stuck with them the whole day or even weekend. Nothing worse than sore blistered heels/ankles.

Don't Carry Glass! 
The arena and campsite are always super busy, make sure you are reducing risk where ever possible. Not carrying glass is reducing the risk for yourself and the rest of the festival goers. Where possible fill plastic containers with your refreshments or any other item that may come in a glass packaging.

Pop up Tents! 
If you are camping, arriving early is a must as you may find you have the space of a postage stamp to pitch your tent. Why spend the time fixing pins and posts when you can purchase a tent that pops up in a few seconds. People tend to leave their tents after the festival too, you simply just have to drop the tent and pack away.... Bliss!!

Make sure you find yourself a partner in Crime!
If you are travelling in a group of people it is easy to become parted with them. Please make sure that you have a back up plan for anyone getting lost etc. It's always good to partner up with someone so you are never alone.

Love the mud!
It never fails we always get rain of some sort during festival time, the foot fall at the festival grounds is going to become muddy inevitably! Learn to love the mud, just make sure you are dressed for it. You can buy huge body wipes from Home Bargains stores and pack them in your back for cleaning yourself down. The mud all adds to the fun, Festivals are never clean... Let's face it your gonna be gettin dirty!!

Know the line up! 
Make sure you don't miss your favourite acts, normally there are different stages dotted around the location. Make sure you know where your favourites are and at what time. That would be a complete bummer to pay all that money for a ticket to miss your favourite act!! I would be sick as a dog!!.

Make sure you stash your cash! 
Split your cash around so not all your pennies are in the one place in case something goes wrong and you are left without a bolt. Just to be safe store your dosh in separate places so it's not all in the one place. Never leave your money in your tent!!

Keep in touch! 
Make sure you carry one or two fully charged power banks for your mobile phone. It is good to stay charged at all times in case you need to make a phone call. Sometimes there are places to charge your phone within the grounds of the festival but it is so expensive!

BE prepared to pay inflated prices for food and drink! 
Make sure you depart with a full belly!! It is always so expensive within the grounds. If you can have a drink before you go into the arena that would help keep your costs down. It's all money, money, money!

Don't forget to chill!!  
That's what festivals are all about, chilling out and enjoying the atmosphere, the acts and more importantly the company you choose to be with!!

Don't forget folks we are providing transport to most of the festivals this year. You can book and pay for your seat right here.

We aim to provide you with a safe, reliable and friendly service.

Call our office on 01592 713443 or email if you need anymore information. You can also visit to find out about any of the other transport services we provide.

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Mischievous Fifer

Playing with the words, saying that Fife is a “picturesque” place is quite right, as the first dwellers of these lands were the Pictish peoples who inhabited this area well before the Roman Invasion, and since those times Fife has always been an important economic engine with consistent farming, mining and fishing activities.

Fife will be quickly identified if you mention the city of St Andrews. This city resonates in the minds of people around the world as the cradle of golf and its world class University of St Andrews. Although the relevant role of this region through history goes a long way back: Starting by the Pictish and the Celts and the merge of peoples forming the Scots, who gave enough trouble to the Roman invaders as for them to build Hadrian’s wall, and culminating in the present day, with renowned artists and public figures dominating the public scene.

Kings, philosophers, artists including writers, painters, singers and dancers; politicians, millionaires, you name it, Fifers have always been intrepid people taking their talent above and beyond any limitation.

The long reach of Fifers at making an impression in the rest of the world has always been felt, with figures like Adam Smith in philosophy and economics, influential millionaire Andrew Carnegie, or our more contemporary novelist Ian Rankin or acclaimed painter Jack Vettriano, and this is only quoting a very few of the many Fifers that gained international prominence through their contributions.

Mischievous Fifer

Wandering through the coastal villages of Fife is one of my favourite “welcome tour” for visitors from outside, with a guaranteed satisfaction for the tourist. All these pretty villages, with ‘local specialties’ like the fish shops at Anstruther and the many cosy places to stop for a snack make it ‘piece of cake’ to entertain the curious visitor.

And while exploring the nooks and crannies along the coast, you bump into one of these characters that made history without even trying, a man whose desire for adventures entertained generations of readers, oblivious he once existed for real: Alexander Selkirk.

Statue to Alexander Selkirk, Lower Largo, Fife

Alexander Selkirk, born Alexander Selchcraig (1676 – 13 December 1721) in Lower Largo, Fife, was an “unruly” youth, sort of a rebel, and after he had shown some “indecent conduct in church” and was summoned to appear before the “kirk session” (church court) he was “gone to sea”.

He enrolled as a privateer, that is, a sort of ‘endorsed pirate’ and the adventures that followed culminated in him being ‘marooned’ (left behind) in a desert island in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile. With a musket, a hatchet, a knife, a cooking pot, a Bible, bedding and some clothes, he survived for four years in the island. Hoping to be rescued he had to hide from enemy vessels until finally a friendly vessel rescued him. Upon his return to Britain his story inspired numerous chronicles and articles, and also inspired one of the most famous adventures books: “The life and surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe”, by Daniel Defoe.

Detail of plaque 

Alexander Selkirk, in my opinion, is the most extreme example of the strength of spirit, determination and ingenuity of Fifers. His legacy of adventure and tenacity, even bigger than the book he inspired, lives in the collective imagination of people all around the world.

Discover Fife with A1 Coaches!

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Personal Touch

Have you ever dreaded “talking to a computer” on the phone? Endlessly selecting “other options” from the menu till you get to speak to a real human being?

In this world of today, in which everything happens instantly with almost all things being automated and so much stuff is dealt with online, our experience as a customer can vary greatly, that is, from a feeling of despair and helplessness to a feeling of relief and satisfaction.

Obviously things like “a prompt delivery”, “the quality of the product” or any other advantage we perceive about this product or service will determine our satisfaction and likely our loyalty as customers.

But sooner or later we find ourselves having a “special requirement”; a “last minute change” or something comes up that requires a “personalised” attention.

What comes next needs to be approached with patience: selecting options from a menu either online or on the phone, keeping calm until we finally get to speak or “chat” to a real human being.

In situations where you seem to be hitting against a brick wall, it all comes down to the one person willing to lend ears to you.

And this is when the magic happens. Usually, a person will walk the extra mile for you in trying to meet your requirement. The results will largely depend on how flexible the organization is to adapt to customers’ requirements, but it will also depend by a great deal on how much concern and willingness to help the person at the other end of the line has.

I have found there are people willing to walk out of their way, willing to walk the extra mile for you, in order for you to get what you wanted.

I call this the personal contribution, the personal touch. In a world of competition and marketing, companies encourage “customer care” and implement procedures and systems to better communicate with their customers but at the end of the day, it all comes to the individual contribution, to the genuine concern of a person for making a difference.

It is really as simple as that. A given situation can have different outcomes depending on the integrity and commitment of the individual dealing with it. Those acting from their willingness to be of help, do the extra bit, get the job well done and walk that extra mile for somebody, stand out.
I give to this “human factor” the success of our daily endeavours through life.

Gratitude and appreciation goes out to those anonymous people who want to leave a positive contribution to this society, to all my colleagues at work whose daily commitment and disposition help to the success of this company, and a massively big “thank you” to our customer base that acknowledges and appreciates our commitment to service.

Because, what really counts and makes a difference is people taking an interest in people.

A1 Minibus & Coach Services, in business for 35 years, is a family run transport provider.
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Blossoming Wedding Transport Packages by A1 Coaches.

Sunny days brighten up our lives. The  air is filled with familiar scents like the smell of a freshly mowed lawn and the ever so subtle sweet aroma of flowers blossoming.

With its lush display of life, the good weather makes us feel strong and willing to achieve all we are yearning for, with renewed confidence, that’s why we see so many new initiatives, projects, enterprises popping up everywhere.

This positive mood heralds a positive outcome for our dearest projects, so it is only natural that we choose this time of the year to commit to the very one project that best embodies the blossoming of life: Our wedding.

This milestone event is treated with awe and respect as our wedding is this moment in life when we go past selfishness and vanity and grow to be a better person, bigger than ourselves: Two souls united as one.

The wedding ceremony signifies and enhances the sacred bond between two souls, and it will become an everlasting memory for the rest of your life, when family and friends rejoiced in happiness celebrating this union.

You may be well ready to join your soul mate with all your heart, but organizing such an important ceremony in the details is not that an easy task, there are many things that need to be carefully coordinated, months in preparation and in the dates prior to the wedding, this is usually a full time job for the happy couple and often times for their parents too.
The church, the venue for the banquet, transport for the guests... Every element needs to be in place and perfectly synchronized for the whole event to go smoothly.

The car... and your guests

There is no other element that creates a more spectacular arrival than the wedding conveyances you and your wedding party arrive in.

Wedding cars play a key role in making magnificent entrances, adding solemnity and glamour to the ceremony, and the pleasure of travelling in opulent luxury and style too.

While selecting the right wedding car to complement the style and theme of your event is crucial, it is also of uttermost relevance to know that your guests are arriving timely and safely to the venues: The Church, The Banquet, back home...

Here at A1 we contribute “peace of mind” by providing comprehensive Wedding Transport Packages, which include a wedding car of your choice and will also cover transportation needs for your guests.


BMW  A modern style car, black with a cream interior. An elegant design and “presence” that merges well with the most impressive venues.

Rolls-Royce  Classic car, in a beautiful hue of blue that changes according with the light.  An icon of quality and class, this car will make for a spectacular appearance!

Jaguar  A timeless classic piece of design, very elegant and classy while showing dynamism and sportiness. In a light blue colour with cream interior.

Mercedes  Notes from a bygone era, this comfortable cream Mercedes with cream interior sports elegance and sobriety.

Guests transport

However big is your guests party, A1 Coaches’ Wedding Packages offer a range of buses and minibuses from 8 to 73 seater. Booking all your Wedding Transport with us can massively reduce the stress associated with organizing transport with different companies for each transportation requirement.

A1 Coaches also offers transport for:

Hen Night/Weekend Transport
Stag Night/Weekend Transport
Honeymoon Airport Transfers

Just call 01592 713443 or e-mail or visit

And the work must go on...

You would think that with the Schools being on holidays there would be not much activity at the garage... it turns out everybody is busy as usual, except for the lucky drivers away on holiday.

Extracting brake pads
Lee is performing a brakes and steering overhaul. Maintenance is an ongoing work all year round.

Shug giving me a hard look... he doesn't like being chased around for pictures

Maintenance is more than just mechanical adjustments, as we can see, there is a lot of cleaning involved:

Peter removing the stains caused by condensation 

David carefully treating the black plastic surfaces
More than just cleaning the floors, deep scrubbing with hot water is needed to lift the greasy film that slowly but surely forms on the buses' floors.

Ray hard at work scrubbing the floors with scalding water and a soapy anti-grease product

The seemingly calm school holidays period is still busy-busy time here at A1 Coaches!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hen Night Transport

Girls Night out or Weekend away – we have you covered!

If you are a bridesmaid or a bride looking to plan your perfect hen party, A1 Minibus and Coach Services LTD can take care of one of the most important events… The Hen Transport. We can provide vehicles for small or large hen parties and we will transport you to and from your destination in a professional, safe manner. Fife and the surrounding areas have so much to offer for amazing nights out or even more adventurous brides to be if you want to have an active hen party. A1 Minibus and Coach Services LTD have been providing transport for Hen nights for almost 37 years. If you are stuck for ideas give one of our Sales girls a call on 01592 713443 and they will also give you some ideas on past hen night knowledge. If you book your hen transport with us we will also offer you a discount for your wedding day transport. We offer Wedding Cars and Minibuses and Coaches for your guests. Booking all your wedding transport with the one company makes transportation of your wedding guests so much easier as well as saving you money. Hen night packages are also very popular; this is when you book a package with hotels, entertainments and sometimes drinks and extras.
Check out our wedding package offers. You can get one wedding car free if you book your guest transport with A1 Coaches.

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Thunder in the Glens and a biker's world, with Joe

If there’s nothing like the smell of petrol and exhaust fumes for you, the roaring and rattling of engines pitches up your heart, and the open road expands your soul, you’re most probably a motorbike fan.

Bikers near Berwick upon Tweed

There are motorbikes, and then there is the Harley-Davison. This make has its own fan base and bikers from all over the world who ride Harley-Davison are proud to be members of the same “family”.

Thunder in the Glens is one major event in the UK for Harley-Davidson fans; it attracts people from all over Britain and the rest of the world who attend an impressive three day event in the middle of a beautiful, jaw dropping National Park.

Aviemore hosts Thunder in the Glens

To get a better perspective of what is it like to attend a gathering like this I have asked Joe, our Mechanic at A1 Coaches who is a biker himself.

Joe trying out his prospect new bike at the shop

Joe was brought up among bikes. As a matter of fact, he took his passion for bikes from his parents at a very early age: Joe’s mum loved to go on a ride with Joe’s dad when Joe was still in the womb. A “few years” later, Joe sports the rugged looks of a legendary biker and even his partner Dawn is a biker herself.

Joe- “With the kids grown up and settled, we’ve got a lot more time to spend touring on the bike” – says Joe. “I’m really lucky; my partner is also a biker! I find there are guys out there that don’t share their hobby with their partners. I’m lucky that my soul mate is also my comrade in adventures. When we are out on the bike we enjoy a sense of freedom, the exhilaration of the open road. Riding on a bike is a firsthand experience of the outdoors, very intense and invigorating, a completely different thing to being ‘caged up’ inside a car, as I see it”.

Q-“Why do you like Harley Davison instead of other motorbike makes?”

Joe-“Harley Davison got me hooked just by the way they sound. I am a mechanic, and the sound of certain engines is music to my ears. For example, the sound of a V8 engine is music to my ears. Of course, Japanese bikes can be very refined and well tuned, but there’s something about the Harley’s rumbling sound that really gets you. This “potato-potato” sound is like a song to me. And Harley Davison is also a lifestyle and a big family too”.

Q- Thunder in the Glens is a paramount event for a biker. Would you recommend it to those of us who are not bikers?

Joe- “Oh absolutely! It’s a big rally with something for everyone. If you are not a biker then you are in for a big parade of impressive motorbikes, all different, it’s a very colourful spectacle. And it doesn’t end there: plenty of things to do, during the day there’s also a family atmosphere, kids line up to see the bikes, although very small kids may cry with the thundering sound.
Many events are motor related like demo bike rides, Jeep demo drives, custom bike show and off road motorbike riding. On top of that there are lots of stands and outside entertainment, things like Scottish Knights battle scenes, live bands, you can even catch a vintage steam train at Aviemore.  Oh, Thunder in the Glens is a big rally that happens to be pivoting around The Queen of Bikes, the Harley Davison. There is a lot going on at Aviemore, I tell you”.

As a qualified specialist technician for the oil industry Joe has travelled to many countries and always found time to visit the local Harley Davison dealership collecting merchandise and memorabilia from local Chapters.

Harley-Davison shop in Alaska

A chapter is a HOG (Harley Owners Group) sponsored by a Harley dealership. A membership to a chapter connects you with other Harley owners in your area, giving you the chance to gather and ride with other local Harley owners, and to be a part of the Harley-Davison rallies and events, which are many and very well organized all around the world.

Here in Scotland there are two chapters, the west coast chapter, called Clyde Valley Chapter and the east coast chapter, called Dunedin Chapter. Dunedin means Edinburgh in Gaelic ( Dùn Èideann, and there is a city of Dunedin in Florida and a city of Dunedin in New Zealand).

A biker’s dream holiday in the USA

Daytona International Speedway

Joe travelled to the 76th Daytona Bike Week Anniversary, a big motorbike gathering, and had the chance to visit the city of Dunedin in Florida. Other members of the HOG Dunedin Chapter from Scotland were also there with Joe, and they proudly wore their kilts while strolling around Daytona Beach. As you see, belonging to a HOG Chapter goes a long way, and you will meet other members and make friends within this big family of Harley owners and other bikers no matter where in the world you go.

Joe and Dawn in the city of Dunedin, Pinellas, Florida

Biker’s event of the summer, Thunder in the Glens, Aviemore, 25 to 28 August 2017

Thunder in the Glens is one major event in the UK for Harley-Davidson fans. People from all over the world attend to enjoy the event.

By far, the largest Harley-Davidson rally in the UK nowadays.

A highlight of the event is the Saturday Mass ride out to Grantown on Spey which starts at 12:00 noon. And again, on Sunday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

To have a glimpse of the atmosphere at Thunder in the Glens of the 2016 event:

2017 Thunder in the Glens expects to attract bikers and general public from all over Britain and beyond.

A great opportunity to enjoy the impressive surroundings of Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park, Thunder in the Glens three day rally is a remarkable addition to the Scottish festival scene this summer.

A1 Coaches facilitates transport to this three day rally. For enquiries just call 01592 713443 or e-mail or visit

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Day at the races!

Go where the pleasure is. The thrill of gaming combined with a buzzing social scene, a day at the races is much more than the mere excitement of betting. Hours and hours of hard work and dedication, the pride of the breeders, are about to put on a show of sorts, a horse race.

And what an atmosphere! Everybody rejoices in the social gathering. Radiant, elegant and classy, the race goers celebrate the occasion with a display of taste and fashion which is yet another added pleasure to the event.

Having a flutter on the horses is fun and doesn't have to be complicated

Don't be put off getting involved because you don't understand how betting works, or by other considerations like “The sport of Kings” being undoubtedly immersed in a classy, aristocratic charisma, because there is not a rigid, particular dress code for most events and racecourses and you will find an electrifying atmosphere that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. 

Some racecourses specify “no ripped jeans or trainers in hospitality and club areas” and “no football colours” although the simple code is smart but casual, and you are advised to dress for the weather. 

You will surely enjoy your day among ladies dressed in hats and heels, trendy tweeds, the fashion lovers and the happy racing punters all throw themselves into the exhilarating fun of a race day!

Actually, the spontaneous fashion parade displayed by the race goers is so good that there is always a sponsored “Ladies Day Race” with a price for the better dressed lady. 

The jury must have a real hard time picking a winner among all these beautifully dressed ladies!

Everybody place your bet! As the horses run on the track, your heart starts pounding ever so quickly. 

Every second seems to freeze and last forever! Go stallion, go!

There’s no way of knowing in advance which horse will win, even if you “study” the horse’s past performances, or make a selection from observing the horses in the Parade Ring, so no matter what level of “expertise” you have, you will find it easy and tremendously exciting to join the crowd and have a flutter on your selected horse, using either the Totepool system or directly with the bookies.

The good weather brings an exciting horse racing season with the first “fixtures” happening as early as April.  And for the duration of the racing season, there are mid-week fixtures and evening fixtures to add to the most prominent events.

More than just races...

All kinds of partying and events go along with the races. There are special themed days, like the Ladies Day and the Family Day, interesting exhibitions like the “seasonal” Perth Wedding Exhibition, where brides can fall in love with their wedding dress from the designer cat walk, and in general, companies are keen on sponsoring horse races for the broad diffusion they enjoy, reaching so many followers.

Ayr Racecourse, Musselburgh Racecourse and Perth Racecourse

There are three major racecourses in Scotland, and since horse races in Scotland can be dated back to 1576 we can be sure they have a rich tradition behind.

The current Ayr Racecourse was opened in 1907 and the latest refurbishments were ready by 2008, making the Ayr Racecourse an outstanding premier racecourse, the biggest in Scotland.

 Ayr Racecourse is also Scotland’s premier racecourse and only Grade One track, and the home of the most prestigious races in the country.

Following in size, Musselburgh Racecourse is the second biggest racetrack in Scotland, also with a rich history, the first races in Musselburgh started in 1777. Established as one of the most stylish racecourses in Britain, only 6 miles from Edinburgh, with excellent venue hospitality and dining.

Perth Racecourse  is the northernmost racetrack in Britain. The “sport of Kings” can be traced back to 1613 in Perth. Hosting some of Scotland and UK’s most thrilling horseracing.

Upcoming fixtures

This season fixtures start as early as the Saturday 15 of April, with the Easter Saturday Raceday at Musselburgh, New to the 2017 repertoire - Easter Saturday meeting is set to be one of the biggest social events over the Easter weekend. A thrilling day of flat racing that will have your heart pounding with excitement. The raceday will feature the £100,000 Queen’s Cup. 

Following on the 21st of April, a major fixture at Ayr, the Coral Scottish Grand National Ladies’ Day. This is one of Scotland’s most iconic sporting occasions with five Class 1 races and most of Britain and Ireland’s leading jockeys and trainers competing. In addition the entertainment before, some fabulous live bands to add to the fun.

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of April, the three day Perth Festival opens the season for this racecourse, where you will find the best of British and Irish racing and a thrilling atmosphere of partying race goers, which has gained Perth Festival its well deserved reputation as one of the best days out on Scotland’s social calendar. On the first day you can also join the quality business networking from Scottish Chambers.

For thorough information on the racecourses and complete list of fixtures, you can visit the websites for the three outstanding racecourses in Scotland:

Ayr racecourse                         :
Musselburgh racecourse         :
Perth racecourse                      :

Getting there: Have fun, a few tipples, and no hassle

A good race day can attract up to 10,000 people. Imagine how busy the car park at the venue can be. 

Now, in a fun day out at the races, would you not have a few tipples while enjoying the spectacle unfolding around you?

A hassle free arrangement to avoid queues in the car park, and to be able to enjoy a few drinks in good company, is to gather your friends and hire transport for the day. 

What advantages will result? The most obvious one is that you will avoid having to find a parking space in a crowded car park, and instead you will be dropped off by the entrance. 

And how about getting comfortable in your seat, having a chat with your friends, on the way to and from the venue?

Also, you won’t have to worry about having had a drink or two... because you won’t be driving!  The cost of the hire can be spread among the group, resulting in a very comfortable and convenient method to get to the venue and back.

A1 Coaches will pick you up at your selected pick up point and take you to your chosen destination. Just call 01592 713443 or e-mail or visit

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Surfing Scotland

In general, people may not think of Scotland as a surfing destination, although surfers from all over the world know well of Scotland’s immaculate beaches, wave quality and of all of the amenities available. The unspoiled natural beauty makes of Scotland a desirable destination really out of the ordinary for everyone, including surfers, and water sports lovers.

Touring and Surfing

The quality and variety of waves, winds and breathtakingly pristine, unpopulated beaches have all the ingredients for an unforgettable surfing experience. The most famous surfing locations are in the vicinity of all the treasures the land has to offer, from historic sites to astonishing geological formations passing through incredibly quaint villages and enjoying the most delicious local produce. Here are just some of the many popular surfing destinations:

Belhaven Bay, East Lothian, near Dunbar

Belhaven Bay

Belhaven Bay

With a big, wide sandy beach, with no rocks and shallow water, this is an ideal spot for beginners. Coast to Coast Surf School  offers kit hire and lessons.

Pease Bay, Borders, Scotland

Pease Bay

A versatile beach for a range of surfers and a more challenging reef for experienced surfers. Coast to Coast Surf School  offers advice and technical support.

Dunnet Bay, between Thurso and John O’Groats

Dunnet Bay

A beach that stretches for three miles on the north coast of Scotland where waves break all along. This is a recommended spot for less experienced surfers as there are easier peaks in smaller swells.

Thurso East

Thurso East

Very well known for being one of the best places for surfing waves in Europe, Thurso East has a particular wave pattern and its location in the northernmost village in mainland Britain makes of it an ideal destination to enjoy the charms of the Highlands.

Machrihanish, Mull of Kintyre

A jewel of a place for connoisseur surfers, with its famed “rivermouth peaks” in the bay, and protected surfing at the south end.

Machrihanish Bay

Westport Sandbar at the north end of Machrihanish Bay is changeable and depends on the tides but when the conditions are good, it’s worth the while.

Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

The Western Isles of Scotland, the Hebrides, boast stunning clean waters and dreamlike beaches with very sought after conditions for surfers. 

Surfing in Lewis

Dalmore is a favoured spot within surfers with a good configuration that enables a lot of fun when the swell is small. When it gets rough, it will make the day for those more rugged and experienced surfers.  

Valuable advice, support and equipment hire is available at the local school of surf, Surf Lewis

Coldingham Bay

Coldingham Bay

This beautiful bay near the Scottish borders is well served by the local surfing school and shop, St Vedas Surf Shop, with surfing lessons for all ages, even groups, offering all sorts of services from accommodation to equipment hire, repairs and assorted accessories. If you’re looking to get into the exciting and fun sport of surfing, you’re at the right place.

Isle of Tiree, Inner Hebrides

This amazingly sunny island, the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides is bathed by the Gulf Stream that makes for a milder climate than on the mainland, and sports some windy weather ideal for windsurfers.

Isle of Tiree, Pier

In October the island hosts the Tiree Wave Classic, the most prestigious and longest standing windsurfing event on the British calendar.

Isle of Tiree, Croft

An abundance of wildlife, a rich cultural heritage add up to the beautiful beaches and ideal surfing conditions.

The local surf school also offers technical support and equipment hire, well worth a visit: Suds Surf School 

Holidays in Scotland

Endless potential for an unforgettable holiday. Outdoor activities in the midst of Scotland's natural beauty, abundant wildlife and rich cultural heritage will take your holiday experience to a new level.

A1 Coaches will pick you up at the airport or your selected pick up point and take you to your chosen destination. Just call 01592 713443 or e-mail or visit