Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Day at the races!

Go where the pleasure is. The thrill of gaming combined with a buzzing social scene, a day at the races is much more than the mere excitement of betting. Hours and hours of hard work and dedication, the pride of the breeders, are about to put on a show of sorts, a horse race.

And what an atmosphere! Everybody rejoices in the social gathering. Radiant, elegant and classy, the race goers celebrate the occasion with a display of taste and fashion which is yet another added pleasure to the event.

Having a flutter on the horses is fun and doesn't have to be complicated

Don't be put off getting involved because you don't understand how betting works, or by other considerations like “The sport of Kings” being undoubtedly immersed in a classy, aristocratic charisma, because there is not a rigid, particular dress code for most events and racecourses and you will find an electrifying atmosphere that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. 

Some racecourses specify “no ripped jeans or trainers in hospitality and club areas” and “no football colours” although the simple code is smart but casual, and you are advised to dress for the weather. 

You will surely enjoy your day among ladies dressed in hats and heels, trendy tweeds, the fashion lovers and the happy racing punters all throw themselves into the exhilarating fun of a race day!

Actually, the spontaneous fashion parade displayed by the race goers is so good that there is always a sponsored “Ladies Day Race” with a price for the better dressed lady. 

The jury must have a real hard time picking a winner among all these beautifully dressed ladies!

Everybody place your bet! As the horses run on the track, your heart starts pounding ever so quickly. 

Every second seems to freeze and last forever! Go stallion, go!

There’s no way of knowing in advance which horse will win, even if you “study” the horse’s past performances, or make a selection from observing the horses in the Parade Ring, so no matter what level of “expertise” you have, you will find it easy and tremendously exciting to join the crowd and have a flutter on your selected horse, using either the Totepool system or directly with the bookies.

The good weather brings an exciting horse racing season with the first “fixtures” happening as early as April.  And for the duration of the racing season, there are mid-week fixtures and evening fixtures to add to the most prominent events.

More than just races...

All kinds of partying and events go along with the races. There are special themed days, like the Ladies Day and the Family Day, interesting exhibitions like the “seasonal” Perth Wedding Exhibition, where brides can fall in love with their wedding dress from the designer cat walk, and in general, companies are keen on sponsoring horse races for the broad diffusion they enjoy, reaching so many followers.

Ayr Racecourse, Musselburgh Racecourse and Perth Racecourse

There are three major racecourses in Scotland, and since horse races in Scotland can be dated back to 1576 we can be sure they have a rich tradition behind.

The current Ayr Racecourse was opened in 1907 and the latest refurbishments were ready by 2008, making the Ayr Racecourse an outstanding premier racecourse, the biggest in Scotland.

 Ayr Racecourse is also Scotland’s premier racecourse and only Grade One track, and the home of the most prestigious races in the country.

Following in size, Musselburgh Racecourse is the second biggest racetrack in Scotland, also with a rich history, the first races in Musselburgh started in 1777. Established as one of the most stylish racecourses in Britain, only 6 miles from Edinburgh, with excellent venue hospitality and dining.

Perth Racecourse  is the northernmost racetrack in Britain. The “sport of Kings” can be traced back to 1613 in Perth. Hosting some of Scotland and UK’s most thrilling horseracing.

Upcoming fixtures

This season fixtures start as early as the Saturday 15 of April, with the Easter Saturday Raceday at Musselburgh, New to the 2017 repertoire - Easter Saturday meeting is set to be one of the biggest social events over the Easter weekend. A thrilling day of flat racing that will have your heart pounding with excitement. The raceday will feature the £100,000 Queen’s Cup. 

Following on the 21st of April, a major fixture at Ayr, the Coral Scottish Grand National Ladies’ Day. This is one of Scotland’s most iconic sporting occasions with five Class 1 races and most of Britain and Ireland’s leading jockeys and trainers competing. In addition the entertainment before, some fabulous live bands to add to the fun.

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of April, the three day Perth Festival opens the season for this racecourse, where you will find the best of British and Irish racing and a thrilling atmosphere of partying race goers, which has gained Perth Festival its well deserved reputation as one of the best days out on Scotland’s social calendar. On the first day you can also join the quality business networking from Scottish Chambers.

For thorough information on the racecourses and complete list of fixtures, you can visit the websites for the three outstanding racecourses in Scotland:

Ayr racecourse                         : http://www.ayr-racecourse.co.uk/
Musselburgh racecourse         : https://www.musselburgh-racecourse.co.uk/home
Perth racecourse                      : https://www.perth-races.co.uk/

Getting there: Have fun, a few tipples, and no hassle

A good race day can attract up to 10,000 people. Imagine how busy the car park at the venue can be. 

Now, in a fun day out at the races, would you not have a few tipples while enjoying the spectacle unfolding around you?

A hassle free arrangement to avoid queues in the car park, and to be able to enjoy a few drinks in good company, is to gather your friends and hire transport for the day. 

What advantages will result? The most obvious one is that you will avoid having to find a parking space in a crowded car park, and instead you will be dropped off by the entrance. 

And how about getting comfortable in your seat, having a chat with your friends, on the way to and from the venue?

Also, you won’t have to worry about having had a drink or two... because you won’t be driving!  The cost of the hire can be spread among the group, resulting in a very comfortable and convenient method to get to the venue and back.

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