Monday, 6 March 2017

Day Trip: Gardens in Edinburgh

Gardens are spots where nature meets civilization, places where the best of both worlds come together in harmony, and very much like architecture or arts, they go beyond what our eyes can see, fulfilling all our senses and touching our souls. 

Gardens have their personality, as they are the fruit of the creativity of their owner or designer; gardens are like temples where the soul can find solace in the connection with nature and the “message” expressed by the artist that designed them.

Yes, I believe gardens are an expression of art itself. 

A garden will nourish your senses and your soul independently of the state of mind you are in: A garden will bring you sobriety if you are sad, a garden will enhance your joy if you are happy, a garden will give you advice if you are thoughtful. 

A garden is an oasis of peace within a city, and will whisper its secrets in your ear if you listen. 

Or it may be your lover who whispers in your ear, because gardens have a lot to do with love: A love for beauty and harmony moved someone to create a garden, where lovers find a quiet spot and listen to their hearts... 

Sometimes, in the soothing silence of a garden, we feel our love and heartbreak for those who left us. 

Edinburgh has gardens with a unique essence to them, spaces with a distinct personality of their own. 

Here’s my Edinburgh’s garden tour, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do:


Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is a world renowned botanic garden for its excellence in horticulture, with over 70 acres, it captures the imagination of everyone who visits. It has a rich history and it is a living part of the city, being an ideal destination for a family day out, with plenty to see. Entrance to the gardens is free, although charges apply to the Glass Houses. The recommended visit time is 2 hours. Arboretum Place, Edinburgh 


Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh
West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

This park is in a most scenic location, one sees the castle, the old town the new town and many famous buildings. Two straight walks form the basis of the design. The floral clock and the Victorian iron fountain are notable features. There is West Princes Street Gardens and East Princess Street Gardens. 
Princes Street, Edinburgh


"Land Sculpture" Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

In the front lawn of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, designed by the renowned contemporary artist architect, landscape designer, Charles Jencks,  this garden relates closely to modern art in its original lay out, inspired by patterns of nature, meteorological effects and even the Chaos Theory. 
Belford Road, Edinburgh


Water of Leith Walk Way

Water of Leith Walk Way

Water of Leith Walk  Way

The Earl of Moray's Pleasure Ground now forms part of Dean Bank Gardens. It is distinguished by the circular temple known as St Bernard's Well. The Earl of Moray's Pleasure Ground is now a section of the Water of Leith Walkway - an eighteenth century landscape garden and part of a modern urban greenway.
Stockbridge, Edinburgh


Holyrood Park

Holyrood Park is the most dramatic natural urban park in the British Isles. Its main feature is the core of an extinct volcano, known as Arthur’s Seat. The vegetation is semi-natural. 
Queen's Drive, Edinburgh


Dr Neil's Garden

The garden was started in 1960s by Drs Nancy and Andrew Neil.
Entrance fee Free (donation appreciated)
Old Church Lane, Duddingston Village, Edinburgh

A day out in the city, exploring its gardens, with the opportunity to wander around, enjoy food and drink, do some shopping  and be back home for your favourite TV show. 

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