Thursday, 23 March 2017

Surfing Scotland

In general, people may not think of Scotland as a surfing destination, although surfers from all over the world know well of Scotland’s immaculate beaches, wave quality and of all of the amenities available. The unspoiled natural beauty makes of Scotland a desirable destination really out of the ordinary for everyone, including surfers, and water sports lovers.

Touring and Surfing

The quality and variety of waves, winds and breathtakingly pristine, unpopulated beaches have all the ingredients for an unforgettable surfing experience. The most famous surfing locations are in the vicinity of all the treasures the land has to offer, from historic sites to astonishing geological formations passing through incredibly quaint villages and enjoying the most delicious local produce. Here are just some of the many popular surfing destinations:

Belhaven Bay, East Lothian, near Dunbar

Belhaven Bay

Belhaven Bay

With a big, wide sandy beach, with no rocks and shallow water, this is an ideal spot for beginners. Coast to Coast Surf School  offers kit hire and lessons.

Pease Bay, Borders, Scotland

Pease Bay

A versatile beach for a range of surfers and a more challenging reef for experienced surfers. Coast to Coast Surf School  offers advice and technical support.

Dunnet Bay, between Thurso and John O’Groats

Dunnet Bay

A beach that stretches for three miles on the north coast of Scotland where waves break all along. This is a recommended spot for less experienced surfers as there are easier peaks in smaller swells.

Thurso East

Thurso East

Very well known for being one of the best places for surfing waves in Europe, Thurso East has a particular wave pattern and its location in the northernmost village in mainland Britain makes of it an ideal destination to enjoy the charms of the Highlands.

Machrihanish, Mull of Kintyre

A jewel of a place for connoisseur surfers, with its famed “rivermouth peaks” in the bay, and protected surfing at the south end.

Machrihanish Bay

Westport Sandbar at the north end of Machrihanish Bay is changeable and depends on the tides but when the conditions are good, it’s worth the while.

Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

The Western Isles of Scotland, the Hebrides, boast stunning clean waters and dreamlike beaches with very sought after conditions for surfers. 

Surfing in Lewis

Dalmore is a favoured spot within surfers with a good configuration that enables a lot of fun when the swell is small. When it gets rough, it will make the day for those more rugged and experienced surfers.  

Valuable advice, support and equipment hire is available at the local school of surf, Surf Lewis

Coldingham Bay

Coldingham Bay

This beautiful bay near the Scottish borders is well served by the local surfing school and shop, St Vedas Surf Shop, with surfing lessons for all ages, even groups, offering all sorts of services from accommodation to equipment hire, repairs and assorted accessories. If you’re looking to get into the exciting and fun sport of surfing, you’re at the right place.

Isle of Tiree, Inner Hebrides

This amazingly sunny island, the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides is bathed by the Gulf Stream that makes for a milder climate than on the mainland, and sports some windy weather ideal for windsurfers.

Isle of Tiree, Pier

In October the island hosts the Tiree Wave Classic, the most prestigious and longest standing windsurfing event on the British calendar.

Isle of Tiree, Croft

An abundance of wildlife, a rich cultural heritage add up to the beautiful beaches and ideal surfing conditions.

The local surf school also offers technical support and equipment hire, well worth a visit: Suds Surf School 

Holidays in Scotland

Endless potential for an unforgettable holiday. Outdoor activities in the midst of Scotland's natural beauty, abundant wildlife and rich cultural heritage will take your holiday experience to a new level.

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