Wednesday, 5 April 2017

And the work must go on...

You would think that with the Schools being on holidays there would be not much activity at the garage... it turns out everybody is busy as usual, except for the lucky drivers away on holiday.

Extracting brake pads
Lee is performing a brakes and steering overhaul. Maintenance is an ongoing work all year round.

Shug giving me a hard look... he doesn't like being chased around for pictures

Maintenance is more than just mechanical adjustments, as we can see, there is a lot of cleaning involved:

Peter removing the stains caused by condensation 

David carefully treating the black plastic surfaces
More than just cleaning the floors, deep scrubbing with hot water is needed to lift the greasy film that slowly but surely forms on the buses' floors.

Ray hard at work scrubbing the floors with scalding water and a soapy anti-grease product

The seemingly calm school holidays period is still busy-busy time here at A1 Coaches!

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