Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Festival Survival Guide by A1 Coaches

Are you ready for Festival Season?? 

We have written this festival survival guide for your use this summer. All the do's and don't of attending a large festival can be found here.

Happy Festival Campers!

Arrive Early - No Messing Around! 
Get there in plenty of time, you can book on one of our coaches, the buses always arrive in time for the gates opening. If you are camping

Be ruthless with your packing! 
Dressing for the occasion is a necessity, in Scotland we can have 4 seasons in one day so although you are packing scarecly you should also make sure you have something to cover any weather scenario. Always remember when you are packing the arena/campsites are not only going to be a hop skip and a jump away. What you pack - you are going to have to carry.

Footwear that is already broken in is a must! 
Welly boots are the "In-thing" to wear to festivals but please remember to wear a pair that is already broken in, if you have new welly boots to wear, please make sure you wear them around the house for a while or take a stroll down the beach. Never go with new welly boots and be stuck with them the whole day or even weekend. Nothing worse than sore blistered heels/ankles.

Don't Carry Glass! 
The arena and campsite are always super busy, make sure you are reducing risk where ever possible. Not carrying glass is reducing the risk for yourself and the rest of the festival goers. Where possible fill plastic containers with your refreshments or any other item that may come in a glass packaging.

Pop up Tents! 
If you are camping, arriving early is a must as you may find you have the space of a postage stamp to pitch your tent. Why spend the time fixing pins and posts when you can purchase a tent that pops up in a few seconds. People tend to leave their tents after the festival too, you simply just have to drop the tent and pack away.... Bliss!!

Make sure you find yourself a partner in Crime!
If you are travelling in a group of people it is easy to become parted with them. Please make sure that you have a back up plan for anyone getting lost etc. It's always good to partner up with someone so you are never alone.

Love the mud!
It never fails we always get rain of some sort during festival time, the foot fall at the festival grounds is going to become muddy inevitably! Learn to love the mud, just make sure you are dressed for it. You can buy huge body wipes from Home Bargains stores and pack them in your back for cleaning yourself down. The mud all adds to the fun, Festivals are never clean... Let's face it your gonna be gettin dirty!!

Know the line up! 
Make sure you don't miss your favourite acts, normally there are different stages dotted around the location. Make sure you know where your favourites are and at what time. That would be a complete bummer to pay all that money for a ticket to miss your favourite act!! I would be sick as a dog!!.

Make sure you stash your cash! 
Split your cash around so not all your pennies are in the one place in case something goes wrong and you are left without a bolt. Just to be safe store your dosh in separate places so it's not all in the one place. Never leave your money in your tent!!

Keep in touch! 
Make sure you carry one or two fully charged power banks for your mobile phone. It is good to stay charged at all times in case you need to make a phone call. Sometimes there are places to charge your phone within the grounds of the festival but it is so expensive!

BE prepared to pay inflated prices for food and drink! 
Make sure you depart with a full belly!! It is always so expensive within the grounds. If you can have a drink before you go into the arena that would help keep your costs down. It's all money, money, money!

Don't forget to chill!!  
That's what festivals are all about, chilling out and enjoying the atmosphere, the acts and more importantly the company you choose to be with!!

Don't forget folks we are providing transport to most of the festivals this year. You can book and pay for your seat right here.

We aim to provide you with a safe, reliable and friendly service.

Call our office on 01592 713443 or email if you need anymore information. You can also visit to find out about any of the other transport services we provide.

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