Friday, 5 June 2015

Cheap Minibus and Coach Hire?

Useful points to consider when booking a minibus or a coach with an operator.  

Do you prefer to go for the cheapest option of Minibus or Coach Hire?

We fully understand that everyone is looking to secure the best possible purchase, no matter what you are buying a service or a product. Here are a couple of factors to help you make the best choice when booking private transport from any operator.

When looking to secure private transport - We as a transport provider feel cheapest option is not always best. 

Here's why:

The only way a reputable minibus and coach operator would provide you with a cheap price is if the hire they are quoting for fits in with another hire or any other viable reason to reduce the cost such as the vehicle is in the same area at the same time. Other than the mentioned above we Good value service comes at a price.

The Standard of Vehicle can reduce or increase the price?

To ensure A1 Minibus and Coach Service can stay competitive in our industry we provide various standards of transport including Standard, Club Class and Executive travel. The standard option of travel is the cheapest and the executive option the most expensive.

Please ask questions. 
If you are given a cheap price, please take a minute to ask why the price is so cheap. If you have called around more than one minibus and coach operator let the cheapest operator know the prices you have been quoted and ask them to justify why their price is so cheap? Are they desperate for the work or is there a valid reason. Ask the operator if the driver holds the proper license to drive the size of vehicle, are they properly insured? If the operator isn't insured then unfortunately you are not insured to travel in their vehicle.

If a Coach operator is pricing to cut other operators prices then they are not likely to value the service they are providing.

It is a true saying "If you don't value the service you provide no one will".

We value the service we provide because..

A1 Minibus and Coach Service employ a team of highly motivated and friendly individuals, therefore we pay a price for this which is reflected in our service we provide. All our drivers are trained to cover the type of work they are undertaking may it be working with vulnerable adults or children, each driver holds a CPC certificate which is a legal compliance. All our vehicles are covered by the proper insurance and maintained to a high standard - Your safety is paramount to us!

We have 5 departments that make up A1 Coaches

1. Sales, 2. Operations, 3. Maintenance, 4. Finance, 5. Stock Control

These departments all work closely together to ensure the smoothest possible customer experience.

What we consider when we are pricing your hire.

The Standard of Vehicle, The Date of your hire (Weekends are more expensive), The destination, The time of leaving and returning (Time vehicle is away from base), The seating capacity of the vehicle, Drivers working hours, Collection points and drop off points, Any special requirements i.e wheelchair accessible etc.

We hope you have found this information useful and also that we have given you somethings to think about when you are booking private transport.

If we can help with anything else - please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 01592 713443 or email

Have a great day!


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