Monday, 13 February 2017

Last minute St Valentine's day surprise

On the drive up to St Valentine’s Day I was trying to think of something special to celebrate yet another year together.  A card and a present are already taken care of, so now I need to think about a nice candle lit dinner in some glamorous restaurant.

Where?  All around Fife there are picturesque nooks to visit. For example, there is a variety of fine restaurants in beautiful St Andrews.

I would like to find somewhere picturesque, or glamorous and romantic.

How about Edinburgh? I love discovering its secrets, the quiet paths along the canals, the buzzing life in the streets, the variety of shops, cafes and restaurants...

This year St Valentine ’s day falls on a Tuesday.  Both my partner and I are busy during the day, so I’ll have to make the most of the evening time.

I came up with an idea: My partner and I get dressed up for dinner. Then, a chauffeur will pick us up and take us to the restaurant, while enjoying a glass of bubbly on the way to the restaurant.

Once at the restaurant, I will order some nice wine, while revealing the card and the St Valentine’s present to my partner...

After dinner our chauffeur will take us back home...

We will travel to and from the restaurant in an iconic car, enjoy some bubbly on the way and our favourite wine with the meal, and be returned safely at home at the end of the night.

So romantic, creating an everlasting memory, and so easy!

It has actually been so easy to plan our St Valentine’s night thanks to the Chauffeur Driven Packages from A1.

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