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The beauty and singularity of the British Isles, the rich culture and historic heritage all make for a popular tourism destination.  Scotland possesses all these attributes, where unspoiled nature blends with villages and cities in perfect harmony. All throughout Scotland there are astonishing bits of history and breathtaking scenery, “secret” nooks and crannies waiting to be “discovered”.

Golf? First class golf courses...

Calanish Stones, Isle of Lewis
History?  World famous landmarks. Distinct culture, traditions and trade, think of whisky, think of tweed... Holidays? Unspoiled natural sceneries and the most picturesque ever places to visit and find accommodation. Doing business? Scotland’s industrious people will add value to your business activities in every way, from doing profitable business with your organization to facilitating your business activities with impressive venues and services.

Milburn House in Kilbirnie

Majestic, seigniorial manor houses and hotels are there for you to lodge, on a holiday or business trip, to organise an event of sorts, a wedding, a training course, an international conference, a business event... the possibilities are endless in Scotland, and all of this splendour will make for an unforgettable experience.

Gatliff Trust Hostel at Rhenigigdale

As for those wanting to make the most of Scotland and keep within a budget, there is also a marvelous selection of backpacker’s youth hostels.

Fife displays all this beauty and accommodating temper throughout its territory. Ideally located, Fife offers unique features and easy access to all surrounding regions.

Distilleries in Scotland are unique in that some of them possess a rich history and tradition behind them while other distilleries are born to the vision and passion of entrepreneurs that bring together the best of the Scottish Water of Life heritage and the creative spirit of finding new flavours and aromas. The majority of distilleries and the families and owners who run them will welcome you for a tour of the facilities and a ceremonial “taste” of the malts.

Themed Tours

Outlander TV series
There is abundance of possible themed tours in Scotland, as the magic, picturesque places and breathtaking landscapes of Scotland are home to the imagination of writers, script writers, even video game creators. The mysterious charm of Scottish landscapes and villages is the axis around which the TV series Outlander revolves, evoking the rich history of these lands and the renowned determination of its people. Such is the magnetism of this land, capable of inspiring whoever goes on a journey across the country; a feeling that greatly contributes to the popularity which drives the newest trend of organising Outlander tours and gatherings, along with other “themed tours” like “Braveheart” and “Brave”...

Brave 3D Cartoon movie
In a similar way, the gracious and sweet depiction of “ginger power”, Brave, is a fantastic motivation for children to enjoy the magic scenery you find in the highlands of Scotland.

Ian Fleming’s original James Bond character was a Scotsman, and James Bond movies feature impressive filming locations throughout Scotland. And even J.K. Rowling has been known to find inspiration for her writings in Scottish manor houses.

Vintage Steam Trains

You can explore the majestic landscapes of Scotland while travelling on a steam train, enjoying the golden days experience of steam train travel.

There’s a choice of itineraries to pick from, for steam train journeys in Scotland:

Eiliean Donan Castle
The word “Scotland” immediately brings to anybody around the world images of, castles with sheep peacefully grazing in the green fields, whisky, kilts, tartan and golf.

Be it medieval castles, picturesque villages full of history, the breathtaking beauty of the highlands and islands or all the possible activities Scotland has to offer, you can tailor your transportation requirements with
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