Friday, 10 February 2017

The Positive Road to Change

Hi, I’m James David Campbell, 28 year old. Previously, as a very young lad, my life was sort of “unsettled”, to put it mildly.  You ken how it is when being young: you think of yourself as the king of the pack, but unfortunately “being the king of the pack” seems to overpower any trace of common sense.

 I would engage into a few relationships, but they would eventually fail: I was full of good intentions but I had not acquired any wisdom or maturity, I was not an adult quite yet. When I was young I thought I could get away with anything but I realised that wasn’t the case any longer. Fortunately it dawned on me that I had to put some work and effort into becoming the person I wanted to be, not the thug I was becoming so far. So it took hard work for me to go from being a thug, to grow up into an adult.

I’ve always liked buses and dreamed about taking my professional licence. To achieve this I thought it would help try and find a job within the industry, and luckily enough, a few years ago I took on a job in the garage with A1 Coaches assisting the mechanics in their tasks and carrying out general duty jobs. It was a good start; I liked my new job and was happy enough to be earning money.  And I was lucky in the sense the story didn’t end there:  Before I messed it all up again, I was accumulating good work experience, training, and I was encouraged to improve and achieve my goals.  Very much thank to the encouragement I felt from my fellow mechanics and the management, namely Transport Manager of the company David Goodsir,  I took on the college apprenticeship programme, that would “round off” my experience working for the company, getting valuable training along the way.

 “But”...And here comes the “but”: After several months I got used to my surroundings, started getting comfortable (in the bad sense) and started pushing my luck, namely, arriving to work late, going home early, sometimes even not turning up at all for work. I was easily distracted, and started treating the place like a playground I didn’t care much about teamwork or even had a clue there was a team. There I was: the king of the pack again!  I realised I was going to lose the job, so I quitted before I had to go through the shame of being fired.

I then took other different jobs, and all the while I was missing the buses and the job I had with A1. My experience with them had been a good one; it had been me to muck up with them.
At that time I started going out with my current partner. My new partner had everything going for her: she had a job, she liked going on holidays, going out with friends and enjoying herself.  If I wanted to keep her and also keep up with her, I had to grow up once and for all and man up. Get a job. Make money. Get settled. Start a future.

When I saw an ad on Facebook that A1 Coaches was looking for drivers, I didn’t think it twice:  I went to see David Goodsir and asked him for a job. After a brief, ‘man to man’ type of conversation with David, I started my probationary period and since then I can proudly say my life has changed for the better. I really enjoy my work around the garage fixing and maintaining the fleet and working with great people, so it was only the natural thing to do if I took my professional driving licence. I threw myself into it and got my licence on December 2016.

I think any young lad or lassie, or anybody of any age for that matter, wanting to find out about job opportunities with A1 Coaches, should get in touch and find out how working on the A1 Team can advance their careers.

As for me... this St Valentine’s Day we will celebrate two years together (I have planned for a wee surprise already). So, fingers crossed, I’ve managed to keep both my partner and my job for the last two years and I intend to keep things going that way.  

I love working with the A1 Coaches Team, my experience and life lessons I have gained are priceless! 

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